Posted by: thehungryrunner | January 7, 2008

Running without gloves in January: Like playing hooky from school!

Much as I would like to consider myself a sophisticated creature, the truth is, I’m generally amused by those hopelessly trivial things.  Yesterday’s run reminded me of that.

Generally, my approach to winter workouts is one in which whenever possible, I’m outside.  “Whenever possible,” of course, pretty much hinges on what the weather is doing.  Only in Chicago can you have a one-week period in which you get to experience both zero and 60 degrees!  And since we’re prone to some stubborn cold snaps, “whenever possible” may not be much more than a couple of times within a given month.  But I find that my sanity depends on the ability to experience the outdoors on a regular basis, so I take whatever I can get!

But yesterday offered a rare treat for me:  a winter run WITHOUT gloves.  Given I have a condition in which my fingers respond….uh…overenthusiastically to cold, by October of every year I become a glove hoarder, amassing a collection of those little knit gloves sold by practically every grocery store, Walgreens and corner convenient mart.  Suddenly every drawer, bag, glove compartment and coat pocket becomes a nook for another “just in case” pair, partly due to my penchant for losing them so easily (and crazy that I am, even I prefer to not resort to the one purple glove/ one brown striped glove look).  It’s the last thing I check for upon leaving the house and the first thing I attend to the minute the mercury has dropped below 55 on any given day.  A pain in the neck, to be sure, but thankfully a relatively easy fix, no?  And while it can be annoying to always have to wear them when running in winter — I look at runners or walkers without them and just shake my head with envy, better that than having to skip my appointment with the great outdoors!

So imagine my glee when yesterday’s temperatures soared to 60 and above!  The thrill of going running without a coat would have been enough of a joy, but to go GLOVELESS?  I may as well have been in my bathing suit for how freeing it felt!  How strange to be hurdling leftover snow mounds, gazing at leftover Christmas lights still enrobing some of the neighborhood houses, and running under trees completely devoid of leaves…..and not be wearing gloves.  I kept stretching my fingers to make sure I wasn’t just forcing some odd torture on them out of wishful thinking.  But no, fingers were good.  Which means LIFE EES GUUUD.

Of course, three days from now we’ll probably plunge back into Arctic living and I’ll probably whine about the lack of sun…..but at least as of right now I’m soaking up the temporary dispensation!


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