Posted by: thehungryrunner | January 9, 2008

Tonight’s skillet dish recipe: Veggie “steak” and snow peas

A couple of days ago, I made reference to the idea of returning to skillet meals, those quick and healthy dishes I have turned to frequently over the years, but recently got away from.  My dinner focus for the last couple of months has largely centered around soup, but I’m beginning to tire of that (my eating tends to move in cycles; I fall into a routine/specific food or category until it runs its course) and feel quite ready to switch things up!

 So tonight I had a one of these “skillet suppers” of mine.  I figure I’ll keep track of these recipes, particularly the ones I find especially tasty, for future reference.

Tonight’s Skillet Supper Recipe:  Stir-fried Veggie “Steak” and Snow Peas:  I sliced a small yellow onion and, after heating some toasted sesame oil in my wok, lightly stir-fried the onion for a couple of minutes.  Meanwhile, I had one of those “steam in bag” bags of frozen snow peas heating up in the microwave.  I would have preferred fresh, but I couldn’t find any at the grocery store tonight.  To the onions, I added the “veggie steak strips” and a few spoonfuls of hot “light, low-sodium” beef broth (I reconstituted a packet of instant bouillon granules in about 1/4 cup boiling water for a condensed — but not too intense — “sauce”).  Once the veggie strips were mostly thawed, I added the snow peas and another teaspoon toasted sesame oil and some fresh ground pepper.  Stirred the whole thing for another couple of minutes, then added the rest of the beef broth, tossed it all onto a serving platter once the liquid from the broth had just about fully evaporated.  I would have used more seasoning, but the strips are pre-seasoned and already quite flavorful.  If anything, I have to watch my sodium intake on the days I eat them as they are quite salty.

Anyway, dinner was delicious!  A generous and filling serving and leftovers for tomorrow.  And a decent serving of protein, which is good as lately I haven’t been as vigilant about this as I should be.


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