Posted by: thehungryrunner | March 2, 2008

Ah, wet pavement!

This winter has posed challenges I’ve not experienced in recent years.  The volume of snow we’ve had so far, coupled with bouts of extreme cold, has been decidedly unfriendly to those of us who enjoy getting outside for runs and walks even in the dead of winter.  Fortunately, we’ve had a few mild days recently, but the streets and sidewalks have remained stubbornly dangerous, both for the lingering snow and ice and for the fact that our spillover snow piles necessitate you put yourself practically in the middle of cars’ driving path on the street.  So, reluctantly, I’ve had to keep my cardio confined to indoor workouts only.  My last outdoor run was January 16, and the one before that on January 3!  Little wonder I’m feeling so stir-crazy!

Ah, but relief appears to be on the way!  Today we’re looking out at blue skies, and we’re not only already at 40 degrees, we’re expected to hit 52 before the end of the day.  And the sweetest sight of all:  WET PAVEMENT.  Ah, that delicious late-winter thaw that always excites me.  Not only does this promise to bring clear, safe streets and sidewalks, but the fragrance of wet earth underneath the snow is almost intoxicating.  I find my runs at this time of the year to be nothing short of jubilant; there is nothing but promise and that sense of a fresh, clean slate.  Spring is underway, even if the landscape is still buried under dozens of inches of snow.

Throw in the bonus — I’ve been hearing cardinals and other birds for over a week now — and I dare say the worst is behind us!


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