Posted by: thehungryrunner | March 5, 2008

Spring Training!

Am I the only one who gets excited every year upon hearing about spring training for baseball players?  To me, it’s not only one more sign that warmer weather is on the way, it somehow always inspires me to examine my own fitness routine and shake things up, especially if I have some concrete goals for the season, which gives me some direction for my strategy.  Doing so gives my workouts an refreshed sense of purpose, which can do much on the days that winter cold and snow seem to be hanging on with frustrating tenacity.  I can ignore The Weather Channel and set my sights on what improvements I’m gunning to see by the time the white stuff gives way to those curious green things that grow on trees (can’t remember the word, it’s been too long! 🙂 ).

So let’s hear it for spring training, and let’s use it to our fullest benefit!


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