Posted by: thehungryrunner | March 9, 2008

Tofu One-dish Meal Recipe: The Results of My Experiment

I feel a bit schizophrenic about this recipe, which I’m happy to report worked out quite well.  One, it’s tofu…..with a chicken-based soup.  Just seems ironic to me.  Two, it combines simple, natural ingredients — tofu, peanut oil, steamed snow peas — with a decidedly processed food, canned soup.  But oh well.  It’s got good protein and it’s definitely a convenient and quick meal to prepare.

Not unlike my previous skillet/one-pot recipes, I took a bag of steam-in-bag snow peas and tossed it into the microwave.  While the veggies were cooking, I heated a little peanut oil in a deep skillet and sauteed some cubed extra-firm tofu until the tofu began to turn golden and a bit crispy.  I added the cooked snow peas and a can of the Campbell’s Soup At Hand “creamy chicken” (I know, I know, slap my wrist already) flavor, stirring until the soup had heated through.  A quick twist of fresh ground pepper and dinner was on!  Very tasty, and while the sodium levels weren’t great, they weren’t out of control, either.

I definitely plan to make this one again, maybe experiment with various other soup and vegetable options!


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