Posted by: thehungryrunner | June 5, 2009

Hungry Runner Recipe #832: Low-cal Pizza Burger Bake

Much to my delight, Mr. TheHungryRunner had recently put in a request for more vegetables, less calories in his dinners, and now brown bags healthier lunches for himself.  Which means I’ve had a lot more opportunities to experiment in the kitchen and devise tasty recipes that go easy on the carbs, high on satiety and nutrition.  And one recent bell-ringer is about as easy as it gets:

Breadless Pizza Burger Bake

  • 1 lb. (or slightly more) Extra-lean ground beef
  • 1 bag “steam in bag” frozen green beans
  • 1 small can pizza sauce
  • 2-3 sticks string cheese, grated
  • Black pepper and Italian seasoning (or oregano) to taste
  • Cooking spray
  • Optional:  low-calorie steak marinade

Preheat the oven at around 375 degrees; spray an oven-proof baking dish with a light coat of cooking spray.

Prepare the burgers:  Heat up a grill pan on medium; optional – add a small amount of low-calorie steak marinade to the lean ground beef, and mix it well into the meat.  Form small burgers and grill over medium heat on both sides to desired doneness.  Remove from heat.

Meanwhile, place a steam-in-bag bag of green beans into the microwave and steam according to package directions.

When green beans are done,  drain out the liquid and place the green beans in the baking dish, and sprinkle with a little black pepper.  Add the hamburgers and toss lightly with the green beans.  Cover the mixture with the pizza sauce, making sure to coat completely.  Top with the 2-3 grated sticks of string cheese and sprinkle cheese with a bit of dried oregano or dried Italian herbs.  Bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese melts completely.  Serve right away but be careful, it gets hot!

Serves 4.



  1. these do actually taste like pizza! yummy…they’re delicious…thanks for the unusual recipe 🙂

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