Posted by: thehungryrunner | June 7, 2009

Straining yogurt with cheese cloth: The experiment begins

I used to make “yogurt cheese” back in the 80’s, which utilized cheese cloth and magically transformed a cup of yogurt to a cream-cheese-like consistency.  Once I got the hang of it, I began flavoring my yogurt first, so that the resultant “cheese” would have, say, a peach or carob or vanilla flavor to it, which I then used as a spread or ingredient for various dishes.  Worked out well, though at the time I found it a bit tedious, and eventually strayed from doing it.

Fast-forward to the present:  being one who has always preferred a thicker yogurt, you can imagine my addiction to that divine strained Greek yogurt that has managed to explode into even the “regular” grocery store scene.  Even the non-fat varieties have a richness that is almost hard to believe.  And considering I now have a super-deluxe blender with which to make smoothies, I have even more reason to stock up.

The problem is, this specialty food is on the pricey side, and isn’t always reliable in availability.  So….recalling my homemade yogurt cheese days, I wheeled into the kitchen tool aisle and tossed a package of cheese cloth into my cart.  Though I originally made the yogurt cheese with an actual devise that was made for such a purpose — a convenient “holder” for the cheese cloth under which you put a bowl to catch the liquid being strained out, I’m hoping to figure out a clever way to jerry-rig something similar on my own.  Obviously I will have to stop the straining process before my yogurt goes to “cheese,” but I’m truly curious to see how closely I can duplicate the texture and thickness of my beloved Greek yogurt, and if I’m successful, what the outcome is in a smoothie recipe.

So into the kitchen lab I go; I’ll be back with the results as soon as I have some to share!



  1. […] But I digress.  This Greek yogurt truly struck me as manna from heaven, and I’ve been an ardent fan ever since — part of why I was inspired to experiment with straining my own yogurt (read the adventure here). […]

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