Posted by: thehungryrunner | June 15, 2009

EUREKA!! It worked! (do-it-myself strained yogurt)

I can’t believe I’ve managed to stretch this experiment out to at least three separate posts.  At least it allows everyone else to have a life. 🙂

Exciting life or not, I’m quite pleased to report that YESSS my adjusted experiment — using a large container of PLAIN yogurt (i.e. no fruit or other flavor, not “creamy” outside of what yogurt is naturally like), correcting my mistake of accidentally using 4 (folded) layers of cheesecloth, instead using just one…..WORKED!  After about 12 hours of sitting and straining in the fridge, I ended up with a solid “ball” of yogurt “cheese.”  Slightly thicker than Greek strained yogurt and slighly less solid than cream cheese….I might describe the texture as that of whipped cream cheese.  I eagerly turned the bundle upside down, and the ball released itself in one, easy piece from the cheesecloth and into the waiting container, no mess whatsoever.  Triple yay!

And unable to resist, I cut a portion (yes, that’s “cut” as opposed to “spoon”!) to be eaten with dinner, experimented with topping it with first a drizzle of honey, then some sugar-free fruit jam (raspberry).  The jam was good, but the winner is still the honey.  It provides a nice sweet balance to the tang of the yogurt.

I bought 2 more large containers of plain yogurt, so you know what a success it must have been that I’m so eager to do some more!



  1. Very cool! I think I’ll give it a try. Sounds like it would be great on a bagel instead of cream cheese!

  2. I even make my own yogurt and then strain it. It is ridiculously easy. Need heat-conducting bowl and cover. I use a stainless steel mixing bowl and cover it with a plate. Mix 1/2 cup fat-free plain yogurt with a gallon reconstituted powdered milk, made with lukewarm water. Cover the bowl. Place in an oven overnight with only the oven light on. Perfect incubator (at least my oven is….have not tried this across other ovens). In the morning, it is yogurt. You can make yogurt faster than you can walk to the back of the store to pick it up. And then I make yogurt cheese out of it. There is a whole book on what to do with yogurt cheese. “Yochee” is in the title and you can get it on Amazon. Love the stuff.

    • Thank you Mary! This is great to know! Somehow I always thought of homemade yogurt as something only “expert cooks” could make, not me. I’d love to give your instructions a try, and thank you for the heads-up on the “Yochee” recipe book!

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