Posted by: thehungryrunner | October 6, 2009

Extolling the virtues of sunflower seed butter on apple slices – YUMMM!

How sad that my hankering for the above is so strong so as to compel me to write about it!  It seems I always have some kind of a food kick (my polite term for “addiction”) going on at the moment, and this one just doesn’t seem to be losing Sunflower Seed Buttersteam, even though it’s been a while.  But be that as it may….

Many of you know that apples are probably my favorite food on earth (though I must immediately confess that the many items tied for second place include less-than-virtuous specimans, such as peppermint candy and McDonald’s hotcakes).  So I’ll suspend my gushing about apples for another time.  I have also always been a nut (sorry) for peanut butter, which means of course I’m well-versed in the classic snack of peanut butter on apple slices.  Especially crunchy peanut butter.  Crunchy peanut butter slathered on an extra-large Fuji.  ::drool::

But I’m beginning to think I have found something even BETTER:  sunflower seed butter (crunchy, always crunchy) on that apple.   Holy Honeycrisp, that’s about as close to sweet-salty heaven as you’re going to get!  And this from someone who has experimented with all sorts of “other” butters on apple — cashew (another favorite of mine), almond, macademia nut, pistachio, sesame (though I guess technically that’s tahini).  And although they all have their merits, there is still SOMETHING about the taste and texture of the sunflower butter that simply has no equivalent.  Try it and see if you don’t agree with me!

But don’t say I didn’t warn you:  Dangerous cravings ahead!


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