Posted by: thehungryrunner | October 16, 2009

Long Video of 2009 Chicago Marathon (Mile 2.1) — aka “The Endless Flow of Runners”

I am truly humbled at the athleticism we witnessed this past Sunday at the Chicago Marathon.  For starters, as much as I love to run, I have serious doubts that I will ever be able to run that distance (my body seems best suited for mostly runs of 10 miles or less), never mind at some of the paces we witnessed!  Truly remarkable, especially given the cold weather.  Those of you who braved the elements and gave it your all should be mighty proud!

My better half (that’s Mr. FlexibilityCoach) managed to snag a looooong video of nearly every runner at Mile 2.1 — at least, everyone who passed that point by the 53 minute (gun time) mark.  After that we had to stop the video in order to scurry to Mile 22.5 and cheer on friends who were running the race.

Because the video is so large, it’s been divided into a 6-part playlist.  To view, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the page:

Long Video of 2009 Chicago Marathon (Mile 2.1)

PS:  If you’re wondering how he shot it, he had his camera up on a camera mount about a foot above his head, to give him more of a “bird’s eye” view!


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