Posted by: thehungryrunner | March 17, 2010

9.9 miles. There is no justice!

I don’t always run wearing my Garmin.  In fact, I must admit, there are many times I don’t.  Winter running, for me, is complicated enough what with having to deal with the gloves (actually mittens in my case), hand warmers, hat, gaiter, etc.  At that point I’m just so happy to be able to get out and run when the weather is wintry that I lose the need to have that minute-to-minute awareness of distance and pace.  Mapping programs become my best friend — upon my return from my run, I take a shower, grab a glass of water or cup of coffee, and enjoy retracing my path while it’s still fresh in my head.  In fact it becomes almost a game — how far did I go?  I actually get a kick out of waiting and seeing.

But sometimes this approach offers frustrating “just miss”es and “if only I knew”s!  Yesterday was the classic example.  I had decided to go out for a run, given the beautiful weather, and found myself feeling reluctant to finish as scheduled.  It was just too nice!  And I’ve been hoping to up my distances recently, so….kept going.  I knew I was hitting near the 8 mile mark, but little did I know it was more than that.  Upon arriving home, I pulled up the map and ticked out my very meandering course…..and both to my joy and to my dismay, discovered the grand total to be 9.9 miles.  A stinking .1 away from a 10-miler.  Oh, the pain!

Mind you, it certainly wouldn’t be my first 10-miler — I was running plenty of those a year ago at this time, as I prepared for my half marathon.  But it would be my first 10-miler in a long, long time.  And yes, I know, I could probably just mark it down as such in my log and call it a day.  But I can’t!

So…..I guess the lesson is, now that the weather is on the upswing, it’s time to pull out the Garmin.  That way the next time I’m pulling an “almost,” I can catch it on time and give myself another loop around one of the nearby cul-de-sacs.

Hmmm.  On the other hand, if on my next long run, I run 10.1 miles, can I just mark down 10 that day and change my 9.9 to 10 and call it even?  The numerical mind likes round numbers!



  1. i would never be able to bring myself to mark 9.9 as 10 miles which is way i am a SLAVE to my garmin and feel naked if i run without.

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