Posted by: thehungryrunner | July 20, 2010

Another great calf stretch discovery: Using the doorframe!

As many of you know, when The Hungry Runner isn’t running or doing something about that hunger, I’m holding down the fort at my stretching instruction business, The Flexibility Coach.  And the truth is, although my main reason for choosing this line of work oh-so-many moons ago is because of my unquenchable interest in designing effective workouts and flexibility solutions for my clients and yoga students, my ongoing motivation is certainly enhanced by my own flexibility needs!  Despite my being extremely flexible, I still fight many of the same challenges as everyone else, and for me, that especially includes the ongoing battle of keeping my calf muscles supple.  The fact that my most popular post on this blog remains my “What Causes Calf Muscle Tightness?” is actually very comforting — at least I know I’m not alone in discovering that running can sure do a number on one’s calves!

But this is one of the reasons I’m constantly experimenting, to discover new tricks and twists to add to my stretching repertoire.  And I just found a good one yesterday, as I typed away at my latest workout plans for the website.  I had gone for an early morning run, and although I had stretched afterward, the length of the run was a bit longer than I’ve been used to lately, and I found myself needing to refresh my stretches throughout the morning.

On a whim, at some point I was walking through a doorway (to get more coffee, if I must be honest), and stopped for a second.  I placed my hands on the doorframe, leaned forward, and pressed my heels down.  Eureka!  A great calf stretch!  No, it didn’t compare with some of my more intense variations — my favorites are still the stairway-based stretches I include in my book, but in a pinch it gave some quick and effective relief.

You might ask why this is different from using a wall?  The difference was, by resting my hands on the doorframe, I could lean as far forward as I needed, even if that meant my head was partly crossing through the doorway into the next room.  Obviously, I would not have that option using a solid wall.

Hopefully, we’ll include this one in our next photo shoot, but in the meantime, give it a try based on my description, and see if you don’t agree with me!

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