Posted by: thehungryrunner | July 29, 2010

My dreaded “runner’s tan”: At least my feet won’t age prematurely.

Confession:  I’m not good about applying sunscreen.  Major.  Understatement.  I do apply it to my face, but am woefully negligent when it comes to SPFing the rest of my body.  The irony is, I LOVE the smell of Coppertone, and in fact use it as skin lotion just for that reason alone.  But even then my timing is sporadic (somehow, I suspect that applying it after my post-run shower….isn’t going to do anything for sun exposure).

Ordinarily, I can deal with my guilt in secret, but this year has clearly brought forth more sunny running days for the summer season, leaving me with an increasingly demarked tan on my legs:  I now have this very distinct “cut off” line where my ankle sock ends, and another equally clear boundary on my thigh where my bike short begins.  The effect is that I look like I’m wearing bike shorts and socks, even when I’m not wearing bike shorts and socks.  Pretty.  And pretty much the same story with my arms and shoulders, though the boundary there is a little bit fuzzier, since my tank tops and singlets are slightly loose-fitting.

We WERE tentatively planning to do an updated stretch and exercise photo shoot for The Flexibility Coach sometime this summer (you know, because 12,352 photos for the stretch workout collection apparently isn’t enough for us).  And while we were at it, we were also hoping to do some additional video shoots to add to my yoga video clips at the website.  But until I figure out whether/how to camouflage my color-block tan…..bzzzt.

Or I could just change my name to Socks and embrace the look as my new trademark!


  1. Been there! I have capri tights that I run in and I’m rocking the the top calf/ankle sock tan right now.

  2. now i don’t feel so bad about my racerback and shorts tan!!

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