Posted by: thehungryrunner | August 26, 2010

Pre- or Post-run Treat of the Moment: Low-fat cottage cheese + sugar-free jam = The Not So Hungry Runner

I know, I know, enough with the cottage cheese musings already!  Heaven knows I’ve already gushed about it endlessly.  And it’s very possible I already offered up this suggestion in one of my previous “I love cottage cheese” raves.

Even so, I must sing the praises about my current fix:  low-fat cottage cheese with spoonfuls of sugar-free jam.  Since running The Flexibility Coach means I’m constantly going back and forth between working on the computer and conducting yoga and stretch workouts, I’m always looking for light and tasty ways to give me sustained energy throughout the day, without weighing down my digestive tract.  This can be a challenge, since even certain healthy foods can bog down the works and make for uncomfortable runs, crunches, and downward facing dogs.  At the same time, I seem to do better when I have a dose of protein and not just carbs, both to keep my blood sugar from zig-zagging and to keep my appetite from….well, zigging (I don’t think my appetite has EVER “zagged,” grrrr).

So my latest “Eureka!” is to dish up a bowl of low-fat (as opposed to fat-free or full-fat) cottage cheese, about a cup or so, and sit down at the table with my bowl and an open jar of Smucker’s sugar-free jam (just 10 calories per tablespoon and none of that godawful intestinal nightmare called sorbitol in the ingredients).  I’ll start by dropping a spoonful of jam (lately my favorite is the orange marmalade), then — with a separate spoon, obviously — begin nibbling away at my cottage cheese, spooning up a bit of jam with each mouthful, until there’s no more jam in the cottage cheese.  Add more jam, repeat the process again, add more jam, etc….until the dish is empty (doesn’t take long!).  It’s like fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, only better, because it’s a) not on the bottom, and b) not yogurt (I love yogurt too, but the cottage cheese has more substance for these mini-meals).  By the final lick, I’m happy, I’m satisfied, and I have sustained energy for my run or whatever online or in-person class the day will bring.  And my appetite is appeased without being overstimulated.  I can’t say the same for, say, a small box of snack-pack cereal lately.  Goodness, how can 3/4 cup of Golden Grahams suddenly ignite a craving for a box of graham crackers?  Maybe that’s the point, ha!

So, if you like cottage cheese but would like something different now and then, I recommend you try this instant “upgrade”!


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