Posted by: thehungryrunner | September 17, 2010

Fellow runners who are also fellow entrepreneurs: A podcast worth running to

It’s funny to reflect on how my iPod listening habits have changed.  Until about a year and a half ago, I couldn’t conceive of listening to anything other than music (or nothing at all) while out for a run.  What else is there?  Then I became a podcast junkie, and suddenly it’s the exceptional day in which I say, “I need a brain breather.  So today I’ll listen to music instead.”

What I like about podcasts, aside from the opportunity to be informed, or have my thinking provoked by a lively discussion, or enjoy being able to passively listen while someone else does the talking for a change (I don’t think my husband thought the latter is possible), is the fact that they put me in a very mellow running rhythm.  When I’m listening to music, inevitably I find my pacing, even my overall countenance, is bolder, more aggressive; yet when I’m listening to a human voice speaking, I’m lulled into an auto-pilot running trance that seems to lighten my stride, and by extension, lighten my mood.  It’s not to say that I don’t find a “music run” relaxing as well, but it’s still a different kind of run.  And being one whose body is more built for contortion, less built for running, that downshifted running mode suits my physiology just fine.

In any event, my purpose for writing this post is to actually pass along a specific podcast I’d discovered recently, because it immediately grabbed my attention and I’ve quickly become addicted!  It’s The American Entrepreneur, and it’s actually a radio show based in Pittsburgh.  Ron Morris is the host, and he has a very easygoing, natural conversational style, and covers a dizzying variety of topics and interviews and musings that makes my run fly by and — bonus! — manages to leave me better equipped to run my own business, The Flexibility Coach.  Which is definitely a good thing, since I am still a far better stretching and yoga instructor than savvy business maven! 

So, especially to those of you who are fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs or small business owners, I heartily recommend you check this one out.  On top of what I’ve already mentioned, I love that it’s a 6-day-per-week show, so no danger of running out of episodes anytime soon!  I can’t tell you how often I’ve come across podcasts that seemed interesting, but blazed out back in 2007 or 2008, or are so haphazard in uploading new episodes, I lose interest in that time gap (my apparent ADD tendencies emerge).  So lately I’ve tried to hone in on programs that I trust have a long-term commitment and seem to be on rather solid footing.  Which makes this latest discovery a real treasure trove for me!

The website is, but you can also find it through iTunes.


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