Posted by: thehungryrunner | October 25, 2010

Are you really slowing down enough when you stretch?

One of the more common comments I’ve received recently, on the subject of my audio stretch workouts, is how helpful it is to really and truly SLOW DOWN and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to a stretch.  I will confess that even I myself sometimes rush through stretching — and I teach over 8 yoga classes a week!  My husband and I will often use one of my audio stretch workouts together (yes, we actully use the product too, strange as it is to hear “Audio Evamarie” telling “Real Life Evamarie” what to do! :)), and when we do,  I sometimes find myself growing a bit fidgety about 3/4 of the way through a stretch, yet if I listen to my cues and stick it out, boy, does that make a difference!  It’s a reminder that between the hectic pacing of our lives, and the nanosecond attention spans fostered by our current “video clip” and “sound bite” culture, we’re just not oriented towards taking the time or dedicating the needed concentration towards a task as meticulous as stretching, even if we know how much better we move and feel for having done so.  It takes a very deliberate commitment and effort to overcome this inclination, but I’m here to reiterate how very much it’s worth it!

So ask yourself:  Are you honestly stretching as much as you should for the flexibility your body needs to keep doing the activities you enjoy?  If you’re struggling with tightness, can you truly say you’re slowing down and giving your stretches your full effort and attention?  If not, why not take the next month to change that, and see what happens?  If you need an example of the pacing that will lead to successful stretching, here’s a sample audio stretch workout for you to try.


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